Monday, August 31, 2009

Take Action Now for Immigration Equality!

Congress is currently working on a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that he will finish the bill by Labor Day, and it is critically important that lawmakers hear about the need to include LGBT families in the legislation.

More than 36,000 lesbian and gay families are impacted every day by discriminatory immigration policies. Many families are forced to leave the United States or be split apart because U.S. immigration law does not allow lesbian and gay Americans to sponsor their partners and children for residency. For each of those families, the clock is ticking.

Read more about those families in a recent feature article in The Advocate.

By speaking out now, you will help ensure a critical victory for LGBT loved ones, their families, and equality. By supporting truly comprehensive immigration reform, we can be part of a historic effort that creates justice and fairness for millions of families.

We urge you to take action now, and we encourage you to share this with your friends and family. Follow both of these two links - nothing succeeds like excess:
This is a quick, easy way you can make a difference for all families, including our families.

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