Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attending a Health Care Town Hall with the President

With all the talk of town hall meetings on heath care recently, we asked ENC intern and volunteer Hillary Waugh to share her experience when the President held on in Raleigh a few weeks ago.

On Wednesday, July 29 President Barack Obama came to Raleigh for a town hall meeting on healthcare. While this took place before the heated town hall meetings that have occurred in the past few weeks, the event was nonetheless exciting, informative, and inspirational. In Needham Broughton High School’s gymnasium, which was standing room only, the president talked about and answered questions about the state of the economy and the proposed healthcare reform. In an overwhelmingly supportive crowd, President Obama received thunderous applause and standing ovations throughout his hour-long talk.

Although not everyone in attendance was in support of the proposed changes to health care, many were able to ask questions of the president and hopefully feel that their concerns were being taken into consideration. In such a large nation, it is easy to feel disconnected from the political process, and this event served as a wonderful opportunity for people to feel much closer to the decisions that are being made in Washington.

Hearing the president speak in person was a truly amazing experience. He is an incredibly powerful orator who also has the ability to break down topics that are confusing to many people into clear, concise language. The entire event served as a wonderful reminder of how capable a person we have leading our nation.

It is also wonderful that the White House provided Equality North Carolina with tickets to the town hall. That is such a huge compliment to ENC and a demonstration of how work being done by state-wide organizations is being noticed at much higher levels. The president’s town hall was also a striking example of how important it is for our elected officials to connect with constituents state-by-state and explain policies and changes that will undoubtedly impact all Americans.

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