Friday, August 21, 2009

Equality in the News August 14th – 21st

In the State

Support from the Bull City

This past Monday, the Durham City Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of same-sex marriage. While it has no legal power, the resolution sends a positive message of community support!

The vote is covered in The Advocate, and locally in the News & Observer.

Durham Blogger Pam Spaulding attended the meeting, and shares a more detailed account here.

However, Q-notes reminds us that while three such resolutions have passed in the Triangle, many more anti-LGBT resolutions have passed in cities around the state just this year.

Court Rules that Second Parents are...Parents!

The News & Observer reports that the N.C. court ruling to uphold Sen. Julia Boseman’s parental rights over her and her former partner’s child may help bolster future gay adoptions. Judge Wanda Bryant concluded that "While [the adoption law] does not specifically address same-sex adoptions, these statutes do make clear that a wide range of adoptions are contemplated and permitted, so long as they protect the minor's 'needs, interests, and rights.'" (Btw, you can read Shawn’s blog post for more info!)

Q-notes offers a more compact version of the story.

In the Nation …

Clinton and those Acronyms Starting with Ds

One of the best-covered stories in LGBT news this week is former president Bill Clinton’s keynote address at Netroots Nation, in which he explained his reasoning behind the passing of DADT and DOMA.

Hannah Clay Wareham from Bay Windows acknowledges Clinton’s apparent regret, but feels he also blamed the LGBT community for these policies, claiming that they failed to deliver him support in congress.

Lisa Keen of the Bay Area Reporter also takes Clinton to task in her piece, completely debunking his excuses for DOMA and DADT.

Ryan Witt of the Charlotte Examiner takes a more balanced approach, empathizing with both sides. He also included the video of Clinton’s speech on the page, so you can decide for yourself!

The Obama Administration's Take on DOMA

In other big news, the Justice Department stated that the Obama administration affirms that DOMA “is discriminatory, and supports its repeal.” Finally! While not drastic action, the small gesture of support, according to Matt Coles of the American Civil Liberties Union--as quoted in The Economist, is “a promising sign.”

The Associated Press offers more detail on the action.

The Human Rights campaign has its own response to the administration’s action – “Tell Congress how DOMA affects you!” You can share your story here.

And a Little of Everything Else...

Campus Pride warns that the criteria used to determine the Princeton Review’s Top 20 "Gay Community Accepted" list is insufficient and potentially misleading to LGBT students. They also take issue with the Review’s use of the outdated term “alternative lifestyle.” Campus Pride offers their own list of LGBT-friendly colleges and universities in their Campus Climate Index.

The New York Times reports that the Lutheran Church is considering lifting the ban on non-celibate gay and lesbian pastors. The vote might happen today!

The first legal challenge to Prop 8 was set this past Wednesday for January 11th of next year! Read more from the Christian Science Monitor.

Out in the World

The Human Rights Watch will release a report Monday that urges the Iraqi government to do more to protect gay men, many whom they say have been killed and tortured by militiamen in recent months. Read more from the Washington Post.

Sanjeev Bery, in the Huffington Post, denounces the lack of coverage of Pakistan’s progress on transgender rights in the Western media.

That’s all for this week!

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