Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wilmington Pride is a Day at the Beach!

by ENC intern Brittany Cox
(picture from left to right; Nikki B., Billy M., Brittany C., Suzanne W., Corey K.

Hello Readers! My name is Brittany Cox and I am an intern for Equality North Carolina. On Saturday June 13, I made the trek from Buies Creek to Wilmington to captain the Equality NC table at Wilmington Pride.

My main objective while at Wilmington Pride was to advocate for the School Violence Prevention Act by getting people to sign postcards which would be subsequently sent to their district representative. This is crucial at this time because the bill is headed to the House floor very soon!

Arriving at 9 am my friends, Suzanne and Corey, and I set up the tent. Jessica Probst, our volunteer, was promptly on time and did an amazing job getting people to sign the postcards. By herself, within 2 hours, Jessica managed to get approximately 50 cards signed! We were all very impressed with her effort and enthusiasm for the cause, and want to thank her for all of her hard work!

We managed to get approximately 100 cards signed, and we met some great people.

I was briefly featured on a Pride broadcast. I also met Matt Comer, Editor of Q-Notes, an LBGT newspaper, who kindly took our picture. Thanks to Matt for letting us use this picture on the blog!

Next to Pride was a farmers market. Periodically some of these people would stroll into the festival. Many of them merely walked around and took in the sights, whereas others walked a few steps in, realized where they were, and proceeded to leave. My friends and I got a good chuckle out of this.

All in all the day was beautiful, colorful and exciting! We spread the word about the School Violence Prevention Act and had an amazing time!

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