Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Stuff from COLAGE

COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere) is a great group - they're a national assemblage of kids and adults with LGBT parents - and they have some great resources online.

Their Youth Leadership and Action Program has the best of the bunch, including some nice posters to help raise awareness of gay families. Their Respect All Families materials are excellent - you can browse and download the materials or request posters here.

Given our recent work on antibullying legislation, these are particularly timely and relevant for us.

COLAGE says the purpose of these posters is "to promote visibility of families like ours, to counter the lack of positive images of youth with LGBT families, to fight the homophobia we have faced in our schools and communities, and to counter the isolation and prejudice that we and others with queer parents often face. We made the posters to make it known that families like ours exist and flourish, and we want to tell kids who have queer parents: you are not alone. There are others like you."

Be sure to check out their PDF version of the Respect All Families Action Guide.

The main COLAGE site also has a great set of resources, including:
  • reading lists for various-aged children of gay parents
  • materials for gay parents
  • a list of famous kids with LGBT parents
  • resources for trans parents, including a legal guide and a guide for their kids
  • information on making schools safe for diverse families
Finally, they have some nice information on visibility and research, as well as links to gay-positive summer and family camps.

If you're gay and have kids, if you have LGBT parents, or if you know someone who fits either of those categories - i.e., this is good for EVERYONE - take a look at what they're offering.

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