Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Clay Aiken Speaks at LGBT Event in Raleigh!

This Saturday, The Human Rights Campaign is hosting their Carolinas Gala at the Raleigh Convention Center. Hometown boy Clay Aiken is the headlining speaker. The event is open to all.

This is an opportunity for everyone to come together. Hunter Corn, Board Chair of Equality NC says that "We're all the same people. We grew up here in North Carolina. We have natives and transplants, people coming from Charlotte to Raleigh, all to have a good time!"

It is not going to be all fun. It is also a time to promote the agenda for LGBT rights. Efforts have led to progress in the past, so let this weekend be a kickoff to more success.

Forrester Stands by Controversial Comments

North Carolina State Senator Jim Forrester is under fire for his homophobic and racially charged language. This week, Senator Forrester met with the Iredell Country Young Republicans to discuss the political climate in North Carolina. There he was quoted as saying, "slick city lawyers and homosexual lobbies and African-American lobbies are running Raleigh."

Forrester is no stranger to controversy. Since 2004, he has led to push for the Marriage Discrimination Act, which would write discrimination into North Carolina's constitution.

While the senator has apologized for being offensive, he stands by his comments saying, "I just wanted to tell people what was going on in Raleigh."

It is interesting that his comment implies that diversity in politics is a bad thing. When people make comments like that, it means we have to work even harder to promote our cause. Senator Forrester maintains that he has never been mean spirited, but I think that is a matter of opinion.

Civil Rights activist John Barnette said it best. He needs to wake up and realize this is America. This is a melting pot. And the melting pot is a good thing!


Housing Discrimination Study Begins in Chicago

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is embarking on a study of the challenges faced by lesbian and gay Americans in finding housing. Luckily, Chicago's Human Relations Commission has recommended that HUD add gender identity to the scope of its study to get a better understanding of the problem's impact on the entire LGBT community.

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