Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Voting for Gay Families Around the Country!

Next week's elections will have quite a reach for LGBT families in other parts of the country, which will ultimately affect ours. From Maine to Washington to Kalamzoo, here's what's happening:

In Maine, voters are going to the polls to weigh in on Question 1, a citizen's veto of the state's marriage equality law. Signed by Governor Baldacci on May 6 of this year, the law was scheduled to take effect in September, but was delayed when opponents collected enough valid signatures to place it before voters. If you know folks in or near Maine, please be sure to get them to vote early, take the pledge to protect equality, and volunteer time/resources to help get the community (the whole community, not just the gay community!) to vote in support of marriage equality for all.

Voters in Kalamazoo, Mich., are being asked to approve an amendment to the City Code of Ordinances to prohibit discrimination in housing, public accommodations, and employment based on a variety of enumerated categories including an individual's sexual orientation or gender identity. Because all people - including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people - deserve to be treated fairly and equally wherever they may live or work, if you know someone who lives or works in/around Kalamazoo, have them support this.

Voters in Washington State face Referendum 71, which is a vote to keep the domestic partnership law that provides legal protections for same-sex couples and seniors who are in committed relationships. If you have friends or family in or near Washington State, please tell them to vote early. You can spread the word, pledge your support online, and join a broad coalition to support equality for all Washingtonians.

A decade or so ago, this sort of legislative activity would have been unimaginable. The time are changing, though, and we can make sure the changes are positive, towards equality and fairness.

The road to equality in North Carolina goes through Maine, Washington, and yes, even Kalamazoo.

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