Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Black Gay Pride Blogging

By ENC intern Brittany

On Saturday July 18, 2009, I attended Charlotte Black Gay Pride.

I arrived early with my friend Corey accompanying me. The location was Fran’s Park and Center, which is a locally owned Boys and Girls Club. I was very happy to be out of the hot sun for this Pride! A definite plus in my book!

After choosing a booth and setting up, Corey and I helped finish setting up the tables. Ashleigh arrived soon thereafter and helped for a few hours. (I want to say thank you very much to her!)

At 12:00, people began coming in. There was music playing and approximately 35 vendors altogether. It was a very good turnout despite some difficulties which arose in the beginning.

There was a stage set with the prospect of some entertainment. After going around once, acquiring some of the cool free stickers and meeting some amazing people from UNC Charlotte Pride, ACLU, Charlotte Gender Alliance, and QMocha, the live singers began. Two acts went on with two songs each. Following this was the always entertaining drag show.

By the end of this, it was already 5:00. We made many new contacts, and I had the privilege of witnessing Charlotte Black Gay Pride, a place where I felt an extreme amount of pride and a strong sense of community.

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