Friday, January 30, 2009

Rapid Response

I'm always inspired by the response from our supporters when we call them to action. Late Wednesday night, the first day of session. I sent out an email asking folks to contact their legislators to oppose North Carolina's version of Prop. 8. Already over 1000 people have taken action!

The response on Facebook has also been outstanding. Not only are supporters there clicking through and sending a message, dozens of folks are posting the link in their status updates so their friends and family can also join in the effort!

Why does it matter? Because legislators really do care what their constituents think. While there are many highly principled legislators on both sides who truly act on their values, there are many who will bend to the political winds.

When you send that email, make that phone call, have that meeting, you're helping build a gust of support for justice and equality.

Do Those Emails Really Work?

The short answer is yes. We've seen time and again that they make a difference.

If you're at the computer and see an alert, take 30 seconds right then to send the message, because they're counting. If you have another minute to spare, edit the message and make it personal. Your story will be remembered more than sample text we send out.

Of course, there are ways to do even more. A personal phone call or an in-person visit have a great impact. Why not build on that online action you took by taking Tuesday, March 24 off from work and come to Raleigh for Equality NC Day of Action (formerly known as lobby day). We'll make it a fun day and help you have an effective face-to-face meeting with your legislators.

-Ian Palmquist

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